Social Activities

Being a parent of multiples (be they twins, triplets or more) can be quite overwhelming at times and while our family and friends can be supportive its good to be able to meet other multiple parents who really understand what we are going through. Its great to talk and share your problems, frustrations and joys with other people.

We should never underestimate the importance of social interaction with other parents and their children. The washing can wait, a cup of coffee and a friendly ear are just as important

There are a range of events that give you the opportunity to meet and connect with others in a fun and understanding environment. Family Fun Days, Parents Groups and other information sessions where you can also meet other multiples parents.

 Check out our events page for more details.

Multiple Ages Playgroups

On the 1st Wednesday of the month we run a playgroup at Sherwood. 

On the 3rd Thursday of the month we run a playgroup at Chapel Hill.

These mornings are intended to be a stimulating and fun outing for the children while providing parents with an opportunity for coffee and a chat with other parents about various issues faced in raising multiples. Expectant Parents are warmly welcomed. The venues are safe, toddler-proof environments, perfect for multiples of all ages and their siblings (and for their parents to enjoy a coffee while they play).

Under One's Playgroup

These are held on the 3rd Friday of each month for families with multiples or siblings up to approx 12 months of age (or until walking) and their siblings. This is a great forum for expectant parents with lots of hands on practice with nursing a tiny baby (or 2!) plus the opportunity to talk with other 'multiple mums' about their experiences. These morning tea's are currently held at Kenmore library meeting room.  There is also a child health nurse in attendance to provide advice and complete red book entries.

School Aged Multiples (SAMs)

We provide regular meet-ups for parents of School Aged Multiples, and plenty of support and multiple-specific tips for your children's journey through schooling. During school holidays we run an activity specifically for school aged multiple school children.

Parents Night Out

We organise regular evening social events for PARENTS ONLY! Usually meeting for Dinner/Coffee at a selected restaurant. We welcome any suggestions you may have regarding good venues.

Book Club

We have an active book club group which meets regularly to have dinner and discuss the latest book.

Parent Education

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to participate in free or subsidised parent education programs, such as First Aid, Circle of Security and Triple P. Some are multiple specific and some are just a chance to dust off your skills and ask questions with other multiple parents.

Family Fun Days

Throughout the year the Committee organises specific Family Fun Days which usually include exciting children's entertainment and activities. Past Fun Days have included visits from the Fire Brigade, pony and cart rides, clowns, jumping castles and farmyard animals.

Music and Sports for Kids

From time to time, different fun learning programs are available for different age groups, including music classes and sports.