Brisbane Multiple Birth Association Westside is all about community, we hope to offer you support whatever your situation. Whether you have just found out you are expecting or you have just arrived home from the hospital with twins, triplets or more. Or you might be running around after triplet toddlers wondering how you are ever going to toilet train them.

Our members are from all walks of life and all with different aged multiples. There is always someone who has been through what you are experiencing and can offer some helpful advice ... even if its just to take a deep breath and try and laugh about the situation

 If you would like any other information on any of our services, please use the Contact Us section on this site.

Committee Meetings

General Committee meetings are held at 7.30pm on the 2nd  Wednesday of the month at the Pig N Whistle Indooroopilly. This is not as daunting as it sounds and is a great excuse to get out without the children and have a cuppa or a drink.  At Committee Meetings, decisions that shape the future of the club are made, and being part of this can be a very rewarding experience.  ALL members (Dads too!) can attend these meetings and your input will be welcomed and much appreciated.

Expectant Parent’s Information Nights

These are informal meetings held 4 times per year at the Kenmore Library, where we show some amazing and interesting DVDs. Guests at the session can ask current parents of multiples 'those questions' and although we are not medical experts, the panel can offer the wisdom of seasoned parents of multiples. Upcoming dates are posted in the events page.

Hospital Liaison

We have provided the Wesley Hospital with an up to date information kit and a donated twin breast feeding pillow for use by Parents of Multiple babies. If you feel that you would like us to visit while you are in hospital, please give us a call. Please use the Contact Us page to request a visit.

Higher Order Multiples Contact

Enquiries regarding triplets, quads or higher order multiples are referred to this officer. A special package is available to these families and a higher multiples newsletter is available through AMBA Qld Inc.

Bereavement Support

A compassionate ear may be contacted through the club should the need arise.  Assistance with referral to other resources will be available if required.

New Enquiries/Membership Officer

This contact person will assist you with all enquiries regarding club Membership. When your babies arrive (or if you have any family changes), please log onto the AMBA member portal to update your details to ensure your babies birth and future birthdays do not go unrecognised.

Thinking of become a member of BMBA Westside?  You can join on-line or if you would like further information, contact our New Enquiries/Membership Officer using the Contact Us section on this site.


Our Facebook page offers you the opportunity to communicate directly with other parents, ask questions, buy or sell baby related goods. It is a closed group to members only so you must send a request to the administrator on the facebook page to join.